Natural Remedies Reward Us With A Stronger Immune System

Why natural remedies?

Yes, why natural remedies?

Before I embark on answering this very important question, let me first introduce myself in connection with what really authorizes me to do so.

Natural Remedies by G B SinghWell, my name is G B Singh and at present I am a 65 year old man. I lived an exceptionally healthy life and am so right now as well. It’s not that I never fell ill. Occasionally I did. But I never panicked about it. I didn’t run to a pharmaceutical shop if and when any symptoms of a disease ever showed up in my body.

I simply let them be. And I lived with them giving them the best chance to express themselves in my body anatomy or else in its physiology.

Most of the times, they got pacified after having expressed themselves as much as they would. And my body almost always came rejuvenated as a reward of having lived with those symptoms without ever trying to suppress with pharmaceutical chemicals what they were trying to express.

Stronger Immune System

Reward always came as a stronger immune system after the disease was over. The same disease rarely attacked me the second time ever again. And what to say of any negative side effects of pharmaceutical chemicals, they never were there in my life since I never took those chemicals at all!

No Medicine

I don’t have any medicine box in my house as such! It gives me a real great sense of freedom of being on my own without any medicinal support system to lean on to!!

I don’t even know what a headache feels like; I never had an opportunity to feel it in my head. I only learn from others how debilitating it can be.

When it ever came to more serious diseases, I would still stay away from mainstream medicine. I would rather go for natural remedies of various different types, the first and foremost being the mind healing.

Mind Body Connection

Believe me; our mind has an immense power to heal the body. It only needs focus in order to do so. I’ll be talking about it in detail on the inner pages of this website.

Not only that, even our body has a miraculous power to heal our mind. The two work in tandem, dialectically, to affect each other in order to heal each other.

Natural Remedies

But there are many more natural remedies that do not have any negative side effects either on the body or on the mind. These different kinds of natural remedies are there for almost all types of diseases, e.g. natural remedies for anxiety, natural remedies for depression, natural remedies for headaches, natural remedies for allergies, natural remedies for hair loss, natural remedies for high blood pressure, natural remedies for constipation, natural remedies for cough, natural remedies for dandruff, natural remedies for pimples, natural remedies for diabetes, natural remedies for acne and many, many more.


I remember I had a clinic of a super specialty neurologist adjacent to my office a few years ago. At times we would sit and chat over a cup of tea. In the course of those casual chats this neurologist friend of mine once remarked that the patients of simple headaches were the most complex headaches to him in his profession. He humorously admitted that his super specialty neurology had the most sophisticated treatments for the most complex neurological disorders, but unluckily didn’t have one for the simple headaches that the most of his patients were regular victims to. He said he felt as naive as any layman around when it came to treating a simple headache, and he was taken to be an authority for the same!

Holistic Healings

Natural remedies utilize alternative medicine in place of mainstream medicine, and there is a whole lot of difference between the two. Adopting all natural healing procedures with a holistic approach, at times they utilize alternative medicine like herbal remedies, home remedies, naturopathic remedies and at others they resort to other holistic healings including all sorts of natural healing like spiritual healing, self healing, reiki healing, chakra healing, pranic healing, healing meditation, mind healing, hypnotherapy, energy healing, reconnective healing, healing crystals, healing stones, faith healing, prayer for healing, healing music, healing sound, healing frequencies and many, many more.


I had the opportunity of experiencing and analyzing almost all kinds of natural healing procedures utilizing various different types of natural remedies through my life, less so out of my need and more so out of my curiosity. In my interaction with all these disciplines, I happened to develop an insight into healing that later turned into my healing secrets.

I developed a kind of insight that analytically as well as intuitively told me which healing procedure would really work and which really not.

At age 65 today, I don’t have a single lifestyle disease not only in my body but also in my mind. I live my life at a high level of energy, almost as high as it was in my teen years.

Chakra Healing

There was another incident that accidentally happened in my 53rd year of life. I was standing in Sarojini Nagar market in New Delhi waiting for my wife to join me for doing some shopping over there together. As I kept standing for long at one single place without moving much owing to being deeply immersed in my thought process, my body on its own sensed a need to stretch itself in order to come out of its slumber; and as it did so, something miraculous happened to my eyes that I could not believe ever would.

Since I came to my senses, I had been a myopic all through my life with diopter power of -2.25 in both my eyes, but I had never liked wearing lenses on them and did my jobs with a blurred sight for distance all along till that age.

But as my body stretched itself full, closing eyes in the process and then opening them again; I saw everything crystal-clear in the distant field of my vision. I had never seen so vividly clear ever in my life. It was almost impossible for me to believe that it was really happening.

But it was!

I was still apprehensive about it. I closed my eyes slowly and opened them again.

Alas! The sight had gone blurred again.

But my body had developed a memory (though my mind still didn’t know what!) of its own and it could, at will, lead me to the same clear state of vision with my eyes open whenever I wanted before I closed them again to go back to the blurred vision again.

Later I worked on it from a research point of view day and night for two long years and not only healed myself of my myopia but also formulated a system of opening chakras that could lead not only to curing myopia but also many other lifestyle diseases.

As a result, among other natural remedies that I had already developed an insight into; I also added chakra healing to my arsenal.

Why Natural Remedies?

So, after introducing myself in such lengthy detail, let me answer my question that I had asked in the very beginning of this article: Why natural remedies?

My answer is we should go for them because unlike mainstream medicine they do not suppress the symptoms of disease to be termed as its treatment nor do they have negative side effects on our body and mind through reducing our general immunity against diseases. They rather strengthen the immune system to an extent that not only cures the disease for once but also ensures that the said disease never tends to afflict the body mind again.

Hence natural remedies!

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